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Speed variators

Series UDL


The mechanical variator is based on an epicyclic transmission for variable ratios. The motor rotates the solar rings (5-6) which rotate the satellites (8). In turn these are in contact with the fixed outer ring (7) and external mobile ring (9).
The satellites rotate around their axes while simultaneously originate the rotation of the satellite carrier (output shaft).
By varying the axial position of the movable outer raceway (9) via the control screw, ball holder ring (14) and fixed cam (15), the satellites are forced to vary their radial position of revolution. Thus, the rolling diameters change, as does the angular speed of the output shaft.
When the rolling contact point of the outer rings (7) (9) is near the centre of satellites (8) the output speed will reduce: the output shaft will rotate more slowly thus increasing the output torque value.


• The mechanical variators UDL Series size 002, 005 e 010 power range 0.18 kW to 0.75kW are manufactured in aluminium.

• The aluminium housing benefits weight reduction for more convenient applications and transportation.

• The closed input flange is an integral part of the variator casing for easy installation and prevents possibility of oil leaks.

• IEC B5 motor connections available as standard.

• The magnetic breather plug maintains a clean lubricant and extends maintenance intervals.

• The oil bath operation provides high efficiency for noiseless and vibration free running.

• The unit can operate in both directions, input and output shafts rotate in the same direction.

• The simple design allows both foot or flange mounting to standard unit, reducing stocking levels and allowing quick delivery.

Speed variators


Funzionamento variatore meccanico

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