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Double output worm gearboxes

Series VM


Double output worm gearboxes series includes gearboxes specially manufactured to comply with specific requirements. The kinematic motion is carried out by means of a worm shaft and two worm wheels to have two output shafts with a synchronous rotation. These gearboxes can be assembled to electric motors or moto variators fully comply with the IEC specifications. These worm gearboxes are available in 4 sizes


• Power up to 4 kW
• Reduction range 7.5 to 80

• Casing and flanges are made from aluminium and painted BLUE RAL 5010.

• Worm screw is made from alloy steel. Hardened and case‐hardened then finished by grinding.

• Worm wheel is in bronze toothed band. Inserted by casting on cast‐iron hub.

• Taper roller bearings are mounted on the screw and on the two outputs.

• Double output worm gearboxes are normally supplied without lubricant. However, they can be supplied with synthetic lubricant on request.

• Spare parts list is available on the technical catalogue WORM GEARBOXES, with brown cover.

Double output worm gearboxes

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